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FenSoft Draw Window configurator

FenSoft Draw completes the software you are using. With this low-cost solution for component retailers, it is easy to configure windows freely and integrate them into customer offers as a neatly mapped representation.


  • Free graphical construction of windows and doors in scale with 45 ° / 90 ° fermentation

  • Materials: PVC / ALU / WOOD

  • Colored graphic window representation

  • Rectangular construction

  • Construction of slanted and arched windows

  • Gothic arch

  • Curved sprouts in the frame and wings

  • Frame bending inwards

  • circular window

  • Free construction of coupled elements

  • Graphic representation of additional profiles (Included in delivery: 1 window sill connection, 3 widenings 30/40/100 mm, 2 shutter boxes, 3 coupling profiles)

  • Creation of a separate window type library

  • Saving window constructions in jpg, png format for further processing, e.g. Quotation for the customer.


List price: 780,- €  (per PC workstation)

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On customer request: Software maintenance via e-mail support. Cost € 20.00 net monthly.

(Payable: 12 months in advance at first purchase, notice period 3 months before the end of the contract, deadline is the date of the order confirmation)

Window construction special construction
Window construction special construction