FenSoft Window trade

FenSoft Window trade


The time required in the measurement and quotation phase is considerably optimized through the use of FenSoft Window trade.

After acquiring the allowance, further processing in the FenSoft program becomes possible. The window overview e.g. for a customer offer / object is saved and can be retrieved again and again for further processing.


  • Free graphical construction of windows and doors in scale with 45 ° / 90 ° fermentation
  • Material: PVC/ALU/Wood
  • Colored graphic window representation

  • Rectangular construction

  • Construction of slanted and arched windows

  • Gothic arch

  • Curved sprouts in the frame

  • Frame bending inwards

  • circular window

  • Free construction of coupled elements

  • Graphic representation of additional profiles
  • Creating a library of typical window elements

  • Save window positions in PDF format or print the window specification as an attachment to your customer offer.

  • Expandable to the module Price List Calculation (the module Price List Calculation is not included in delivery and has to be ordered separately).


List price: 1050,- € Netto (for the first PC workstation)

Extension:  580,- € Netto (per additional PC workstation)


On customer request: Software maintenance via e-mail support. Cost € 20.00 net monthly.

(Payable: 12 months in advance at first purchase, notice period 3 months before the end of the contract, deadline is the date of the order confirmation)