FenSoft Mobile App

FenSoft Mobile (Android)

FenSoft Mobile is a mobile system for your Android smartphone or Android tablet. This makes it possible to enter the on-site allowance directly into the FenSoft Mobile App and digitally transfer the window allowance data to the computer in the office for further processing.

Function Description:

  • Construction Site Address data is recorded
  • Measurement (entry of the meteuse window sketches with accessories in the FenSoft Mobile)
  • Price list calculation (additional module according to customer request)Digital transfer of the measurement data from Android device via e-mail to the office
    Measure import into the WinCalc program, customer related / project related

Advantages for customers:

  • Second manual input (document entry) is not necessary
  • Considerable time savings
  • error minimization
  • Fast quoting
  • Live Online Costing (Prerequisite: the module Pricelist Costing)

Sales representatives in the field can calculate the captured window positions directly on mobile devices.

System requirements: Mobile device with Android operating system

Mobile internet connection is required.

Monthly hosting fees € 30.00 net per mobile device.

One-time hosting set-up costs € 200.00

(Payable: 12 months in advance at first purchase, notice period 3 months before the end of the contract, deadline is the date of the order confirmation)